The Glaucoma Research Center is involving in teaching at multiple levels. During your visit here you will notice fellows, residents, and medical students. Medical students can elect to rotate through this service for four weeks during their medical school experience. Most of these medical students will be specializing in other areas, but recognize the need to understand the eye in all fields of medicine. Residents who are specializing in ophthalmology rotate through the Glaucoma Clinic twice during their 3 years of residency, spending a total of 4 months in the Glaucoma Center.

The fellow is with us for 1 year. Fellows are ophthalmologists who have chosen to spend an extra year subspecializing in glaucoma. All of the clinical faculty in the Glaucoma Service have done glaucoma fellowships. Our fellowship is extremely competitive and we are fortunate to have had wonderful fellows over the years. Fellows graduating from the University of Iowa practice in 22 states in the United States and in countries around the world.

In the laboratories we are also involved in empowering the next generation of scientists with the skills needed to study the causes, and potential cures, of glaucoma. Our labs span the full range of academics, from undergraduates whose interests in science are just starting, to graduate students earning their Ph.D’s in our labs, to postdoctoral scientists who already have Ph.D. degrees and come to Iowa from around the world to perform research within our Center.

Glaucoma Work Room

Publications and Websites

Gonioscopy.org is a website dedicated to teaching the examination technique of gonioscopy. It is free and also free of commercial influence. In 2014 it has been accessed over 80,000 times from individuals in 170 countries and territories.

Color Atlas of Gonioscopy

One of the "One hundred important 20th-century ophthalmic books"
Thompson HS and Blanchard DL
Archives of Ophthalmology 2001; 199:761-3
Color Atlas Cover
First Edition 1994, Second Edition 2008
Color Atlas Cover, Polish Edition
In Polish
Color Atlas Cover
In Russian

Glaucoma: The Requisites in Ophthalmology

Glaucoma: The Requisites Cover
Published 2000
Glaucoma: The Requisites Cover, Spanish Edition
In Spanish

Patient Education

Drs. Kwon, Fingert and Greenlee have produced a patient education website entitled “Patient's Guide to Glaucoma”.

GL book_0.jpg